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eco-stewards of the 21st century



Youth is powerful generation – More often than not, climate interventions are conversed among people who will not live to see the worst impacts of climate change. We are creating an ecosystem of exchange, action where the lived experiences of young people facing and being affected by these threats now and for the rest of their lives are placed at the centre of this conversation. As climate impact grows the need for youth voices becomes paramount.


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Our Core Values


We are action-oriented. What we do & cultivate our energy & efforts towards, determine the results.


Our value system is related to the unity principle, “”There is no other but ‘we’.


We continually adjust our lens in our working environment & thrive in realizing our full potential.



We have  a culture of openness which empowers us and enables us to develop consistently


Passion moves us beyond ourselves, our shortcomings or any failure.


Facilitate in the creation of climate adaptive communities



Promote a green transition through sustainable restoration of the environment


About Us


Green Canopy Enviro-care promotes sustainable use  of resources for improved livelihoods & economic growth while preserving the health of the ecosystem. We support and deliver  climate-focused acceleration programs. We are youth power – in the realm of climate solutions. We empower next-generation stewards, geared towards climate literacy higher education & provide awareness – all focused on the need for a green economy. Addressing the climate crisis locally & internationally we provide insight & empowerment for effective green actions.



More About Us

The essence of our approach to climate action focuses on the need to connect with higher education.

Green Canopy Enviro-care (GCE) understands that indigenous knowledge systems provide a crucial foundation for community based adaptation and mitigation actions that sustain resilience of social ecological systems.

GCE promotes the inclusion of women understanding that across all levels, without women’s meaningful participation it can increase existing inequalities and decrease effectiveness of policies and programs..

As Green As It Gets


Our Top Priorities

We support in the delivery of climate accelerated programmes.

Renewable Energy

The clean energy revolution- harnessing nature’s power  is essential to power communities.


Forests are a stabilizing force for the climate. They regulate ecosystems, protect bio-diversity and playing an integral part in the carbon cycle.


Adapting to life in a changing climate.


The primary medium through which the effects of climate change are felt.

all conservation related initiaves

To ignore the climate crisis is also another form of suicide
- unknown

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